Hotel Faloria in Moena: 100 years of history

A passion for hospitality that dates back a long way

The history of the Hotel Faloria starts with the ruins of an old barn located right in the heart of Moena. In 1923, Francesco Pezzè, great-grandfather of the current owner and father of Teresa Pezzè (who ran the facility from then until 1993 with her husband Franco Farina and their children Maria Teresa and Napoleon), decided to build the first two floors of the Hotel Faloria.

Since then, the building has witnessed unique moments in history: from the seizure by the German garrison during the Second World War, to the rallies that Alcide de Gasperi held from the windows of the dining room.

Leaping forward in time, we come to today.
Manuel Farina, grandson of Teresa Pezzè, and his wife Iris Brunel run the Hotel Faloria with passion and dedication, with an unflagging desire to improve and renew. What doesn’t change is the family spirit and tradition of hospitality that surrounds guests during their stay in the HotelApartments or Bistrò